Chiropractic For Kids

Many adults wonder why a parent might take their child to see a chiropractor.  The answer is simple: regardless of the size of a spine, they are all under stress from our normal daily lives.  The nervous system is what controls every muscle, gland and organ in the human body.  Chiropractors make sure there is nothing impeding the nervous system from functioning optimally.  When there is joint restriction in the spine that inhibits the nervous system from functioning at its full potential, symptoms may arise.  For babies and children, these symptoms may include things like colic or irritability, inability to suckle well or breastfeed, poor sleep, developmental delays, digestive problems, asthma, low energy, inability to concentrate, headaches, etc.  Chiropractors do not focus on treating these symptoms.  Instead, they remove joint restrictions in the spine that are detrimental to nervous system function.  One of the main causes of dysfunction in the spine that chiropractors treat is physical stress. Adults suffer from physical stress by sitting too much, driving too much, slips, falls, or simply “over doing it.” When we stop and think about the activity level of kids, we must realize the physical stress they are place under, as well. From a newborn that just underwent physical stress while being pushed through the birth canal to a teenager playing sports in high school it is important to realize that children’s bodies often suffer the same way adults’ bodies do. Add to that the fact that their skeletal system is still growing and developing at an astonishing rate and it seems as if chiropractic care for children is a no brainer!